CW Trainer 1.0

(Morse Code Reviewer)             6/7/01

CW-Trainer is a tool for learning and practicing Morse code, such as for passing amateur (ham) radio license exams.   It either takes text that you supply or it randomly generates text, and converts the characters into code sounds.   It can test your reading of the tones.   The sending speed and Farnsworth compression level are adjustable.

CW-Trainer was written in C for Linux PC's or other computers.   This is the web-page for the original text-only version. New versions have an easier-to-use graphical interface. See CW_Trainer2.


Invoke CW_Trainer as:   ./cw_trainer1.exe ...
Where the ... includes options as follows:

Command-line Options

Downloading CW-Trainer-1


This package contains the cw_trainer1.c source file and a pre-compiled cw_trainer1.exe for convenience. If you are on a compatible Linux PC, then you may not need to re-compile. You may be able to run the supplied executable directly. However, if you wish to, or need to, the compilation instructions follow below.

To unpack:     tar xvfz cw_trainer1.tgz

Invoke by:     ./cw_trainer1.exe

Compiling CW-Trainer

Compile CW_Trainer1.c as:

cc cw_trainer1.c -lm -o cw_trainer1.exe

Porting CW-Trainer to Other Platforms

I am uncertain about the portability of the sound-card (audio) calls in CW_Trainer to other platforms, such as Sun Solaris, Mac OSx, or Microsoft Windows. If anyone has hints about how to make sounds on these other platforms, please let me know. Aside from the sound calls, everything in CW_Trainer should be very portable across all platforms. The intention is to support all platforms.

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